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Can hiring a landscape designer actually lower your energy bill?

A professional landscape designer will know the best placement for indigenous shade trees that will cool the temperature inside by 25%. While you’re relaxing under the shade, you can also feel good knowing that your home is cooler and your air conditioner is using less energy overall. Stay cool in the shade. A resort that feels right at home? A privacy buffer or a cool water feature may be all you need for a relaxing event in the comfort of your own garden oasis.

The wind can be controlled and utilized for efficiency within the design as well! Planting wind breakers to better control seasonal winds to cool and protect in both the summer and winter months. Also, trees, shrubs, and plants can cool the air by transferring moisture from the ground to the air. This is also known as “evapotranspiration”. Too much hardscape or concrete can create even more heat. Keep cool with plants, shrubs, and trees!

Another great way to reduce the temperature of your space is a cool water feature! Sitting beside a waterfall or pond is a great way to relax, chill, and unwind from a busy day.

So, while you’re relaxing in your garden oasis, you can feel good knowing that you’re also reducing your energy costs and carbon footprint. Cheers!

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