Invest in a landscape design for your home for the best staycation ever!

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Have the best vacation of your life in your own tropical oasis!  You will not only significantly increase the value of your home, but you will enrich your life and overall health and well being!


Who wants to deal with traffic and hotels, when you can have an elegant resort like feel right at home?  A privacy buffer or a cool water feature may be all you need for a relaxing event in the comfort of your own garden oasis.


How about roasting marshmallows with the family while sitting by the fire pit, or watching a movie projected in the backyard by the pool in the garden? There’s so many ways to relax, connect, and make great memories right at home with your family and friends.

An evening picnic or candlelit dinner under the stars is so romantic with the fresh scent of night blooming jasmine nearby to awaken your wondrous imagination.

Take a nap in the hammock, or beside a cool water fall in your garden.  It’s peaceful, and soothing for the soul.  Grounding with nature is the new all natural health remedy, and it’s right outside your door!  Come home to another day in paradise with Construction Landscape With Designs by Jennifer Bevins.

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