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Did You Know That After the Landscape Is Complete We Don’t Stop There?

After the landscape design and installation is completed we then provide high-level, personalized, and professional residential garden service for our clients. We provide all the trimming, fertilizing, mulching, planting beds, and overall maintenance to make sure your garden stays as pristine as it was meant to be.

Everyone’s garden needs are unique. There is no “fix-all solution” for everyone. Your landscape design professional will have a clear understanding of not only how the layers should be trimmed, but how they’re meant to be grown. It’s so important to have a clear and concise concept of the growth pattern of the landscape design, and what it should become as well.

Years ago, we had some clients who were simply beside themselves, because their landscapers did not seem to understand how to properly care for their newly designed garden. It was so disheartening to see that their new tropical paradise was not being cared for in the way that it should have been, and the damage this was causing. Our clients came to us for help, we listened, and we came to their rescue.

We are stepping in to provide the level of service that is needed to properly care for and maintain your private oasis, without jeopardizing the design and growth pattern in any way, shape, or form.

By working with someone who specializes in your landscape design, we will be able to professionally maintain the garden to meet your own personal style, as well as keep the landscape design from a conceptual standpoint in mind.

This is not your average garden service. This is what we do. In addition to having knowledge of the indigenous trees and plant life in our Vero and Melbourne Beach areas, we know the importance of having a really good understanding of how you want your garden maintained and grown. Again, there is no one size fits. It’s all in the unique and special details that can be quite varied.

Some of our clients prefer a very pristine and manicured style for their garden, while others prefer a more natural and lush landscape. Some of our clients like a very form-fitting and layered design, and we feel it’s very important to implement your own personal style in conjunction with the individual care needs of your garden.

Five times per year, we provide personal and specialized care with your unique style and the original design of your garden in mind.

Our trim-back times are as follows:

  •  February
  •   April
  •   June
  •   August
  •   October

We fertilize three times per year for your ornamental bushes and palm trees. It is extremely vital to use the correct balance for your fertilizers. We use a very specific high-grade granular, slow-release fertilizer for your trees, as well as for your plants. Keeping in mind the importance of having just the right blend. For your plants and blooming bushes, we use a 12-6-8 mix fertilizer. For your palms and tropical foliage we use an 8-2-12 mix fertilizer. The first number is indicative of the percentage of nitrogen. The second number represents the percentage of phosphorus, and the third number represents the percentage of potassium. This is important so as not to exceed the recommended amounts of each, not only for your tropical paradise but for the environment as well. We want to preserve and protect your tropical paradise as well as provide its best chance for survival with vital and sustainable nutrients.

Your home is a place you will come to each and every day. It’s where you go to relax and unwind with family and friends. Don’t trust just anyone to tend to, and maintain it. Ensure your landscape design, and come home to another day in paradise with Construction Landscape With Designs by Jennifer Bevins.

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